Modularity is at the heart of the BassamFellows Tray Rack Series. The Tray Rack pieces utilize the Stacking Tray as a basic building block allowing for a supremely simple and functional end table that can be expanded to additional heights based on intended use. The Tray Rack table is suitable for any use where an end table is required. From bedside to the executive office, the removable trays are perfect for serving or entertaining.



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CB-33 Tray Rack Side Table with two removable CB-12 Stacking Trays in carved solid Walnut.

The removable trays are perfect for serving or entertaining.

Solid brass runners support removable trays.

CB-33 Tray Rack Side Table
(with two removable trays)
W 24 5/8” D 17” H 17 1/8”
W 62.5cm D 43cm H 43.5cm

Materials Carved Solid Santos Rosewood, Teak, Walnut or Ash.
Includes two removable trays.

Design 2000